2016 Favorites - Athens, GA Photographer

About halfway through 2016 I started getting the itch to be out and shoot for myself more. I went exploring in places I knew well, the Trial Gardens at UGA, the Latin American Ethnobotanical Garden, Callaway Gardens, and a few plant shops nearby. I enjoyed making and editing these, looking at different types of plants, and being outside. One of our 2017 goals is to buy a house and walking around these places I have so much inspiration for a future home. 

Looking through these I'm excited to carry the project through into 2017. I don't approach these with a concept in mind, they're "beauty for beauty's sake." In college I was often frustrated at feeling the pressure to assign a concept to my work. I wanted to take pictures of things I liked and figure out the rest later. I don't know if I'll ever put these on a gallery wall but I enjoyed making and sharing them. 

I took some of my favorites, many of them below, and made calendars as a gift to my family. This project has also gotten more engaged in the Instagram community and I started my own hashtag to keep me motivated, #picturesineglect. I've also added several to my print shop and a few of my friends and family even put these on a phone case!