2016 Favorites - Athens, GA Photographer

About halfway through 2016 I started getting the itch to be out and shoot for myself more. I went exploring in places I knew well, the Trial Gardens at UGA, the Latin American Ethnobotanical Garden, Callaway Gardens, and a few plant shops nearby. I enjoyed making and editing these, looking at different types of plants, and being outside. One of our 2017 goals is to buy a house and walking around these places I have so much inspiration for a future home. 

Looking through these I'm excited to carry the project through into 2017. I don't approach these with a concept in mind, they're "beauty for beauty's sake." In college I was often frustrated at feeling the pressure to assign a concept to my work. I wanted to take pictures of things I liked and figure out the rest later. I don't know if I'll ever put these on a gallery wall but I enjoyed making and sharing them. 

I took some of my favorites, many of them below, and made calendars as a gift to my family. This project has also gotten more engaged in the Instagram community and I started my own hashtag to keep me motivated, #picturesineglect. I've also added several to my print shop and a few of my friends and family even put these on a phone case! 

Double Exposures

I've posted some new double exposures the past few weeks that I'm really excited about. I was in my hometown for several weeks in August and got to shoot about 8 or 9  rolls of things and places that are meaningful for me. Some of these images above are from those rolls and I'll be sharing more as Lacey works her magic and shoots over them. I've been thinking about the idea of home and having a hometown so I expect to write more about that later on. 

I also recently opened an Etsy shop! I was very thankful to have a lot of excitement and interested buyers when I first announced our double exposures. I got to sell several prints but wanted to offer the opportunity for people to buy them at their leisure through an online shop. Thank you to all those who supported this project so far!